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Free music now has a home for a new world

Free music now has a home for a new world

From a simple but meaningful post on the Creative Commons blog we learn about the launch of Free Music Project, an open and global project by independent and free music, to share and exchange to feed even the dream of a better world.

Launching the new platform is the international movement for a free culture FreeCulture.org which, explains on the home page of the new service, “is building a library with the best free music the Web can offer”. Inside there is everything: possibility to download files, upload music describing the license, insert tags, comments and rankings .

The invitation is to all the authors of participate in an open way sharing their music in the sign of copyleft, Creative Commons licenses in the first place. But users are also called upon to stimulate the adoption of free licenses even among authors who do not use them today: “Do you love music that is not granted with a free license? Contact the authors and let them know about this project so they can participate ”.

And it is a service already structured with resources such as Antenna Alliance, the non-profit collective set up by American students in Boston to grant free registration spaces and tools to bands, but only on condition that the music thus produced is broadcast under an open license.

And precisely with Antenna Alliance, the Free Music Project also launches the OLPC initiative: the famous low-cost laptop addressed to poor countries and designed by Nicholas Negroponte will be equipped with the best free music made available by the portal. “The selection – explain the promoters – will include a variety of cultural and musical traditions and will be made available to millions of children around the world for them to listen to, play with and experiment with. Of course they will not only be available for children, but for any Internet user ”.

But how will users participate? By reporting the free music they find on the net uploading it to the Free Music Project platform, specifying the license with which the music is distributed and the ways in which others can use it, remix it, “do things with it”.

“This – said one of the founders of FreeCulture, Elizabeth Stark – is an unprecedented opportunity to identify the best free music that is available today and share it with millions of people of all ages around the world. Music recordings with free licenses allow artists to gain global visibility of great value through projects such as OLPC ”.

Even more convinced Tim Hwang, president of Antenna Alliance, according to which “this project not only marks a milestone for free music in the world, but also works a vast set of possibilities for the development of an international community of artists and producers dedicated to free culture “.