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Fotofonini, the frontier of modesty

Fotofonini, the frontier of modesty

Rome – There is a common thread that links the latest Middle Eastern decisions on photophones and third generation mobile telephones with the very strong concerns that have been expressed several times around the world for the advent of new mobile phones. A thread that is sometimes built on common sense but which more often yields to censorship.

In recent days, Israel announced that it intends to prevent the performance of third-generation mobile phones from allowing unscrupulous operators to spread another type of performance, this time sexual, without any control. The red light content, the Israeli Ministry of Communications thundered, can only be consulted by those who prove to be of age.

Although certain itches can suddenly capture the mind of some, or catch the carnality of others for fun and joke, the Israeli choice is a consequence of the policies that in Israel and in many other countries try to limit access to **** by younger. Common sense? Perhaps, also considering that it is sufficient to request a special code that certifies being of age to play freely with everything that 3G can put into a mobile device. After all, the mobile phone can be controlled much better than the traditional network, which has always offered easy access to ****, adults or minors little changes.

Passed off as a novelty by many, Saudi Arabia has recently confirmed that those who use third-generation cell phones and mobile phones for “immoral purposes” will be sanctioned or, as they say in those parts, will be punished. According to a representative of the local authority on information technology, “the challenge is that this technology is balanced on our values. We will provide laws and regulations to govern the use of technologies and those who abuse will be punished ”.

It is not a surprise. Theocratic Arabia has always been a difficult territory of conquest for new mobile phones, those capable of sending and receiving photos or videos, those that download websites and images of all kinds. If in the US one thinks of the jail for those who abuse cell phones, in Arabia there is a neo-obscurantism that not even a resounding appeal by the ministers to the King has managed to overcome.

In a country that filters access to the Internet of its subjects, which employs huge resources in the repression of human impulses and which prohibits the dissemination of the most advanced mobile phones which, however, sell like hot cakes on the black market, the war on the mobile phone represents the last frontier. control. It goes without saying that censorship is a great convenience for a regime, the only rule capable of abolishing all the others, but like all absolute rules it brings the seed of chaos into a nutshell, the one that allows access to **** to minors who they can and will be able to turn to the black market as well as the banned dissemination of photos of women without a veil for once.

Perhaps it is true, as the rulers say, that new technologies require the adoption of new regulations. But above all they require a lot of common sense, that which is destined, in the Saudi control room, to remain well hidden behind a veil.

Saverio Manfredini

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