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Fortnite Aim Course Code List (Jan 2021) – Best Objective Practice Cards!

Our Fortnite Aim Course List presents the best and most popular ways to practice your goal in creative mode. These courses aim to work on all of your marksmanship skills, including general marksmanship, shotguns, and snipers.

We have tried to offer courses specifically focused on targeting. We also stayed away from courses that seemed more geared towards running speed than aiming practice. If you want to see some courses that might be good to practice before playing, check out our list of preparation classes.

List and codes of the best Fortnite goal courses

Here is an overview of The best Fortnite Aim course codes:

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Do you have a Fortnite marksmanship course that you like? Send it to with a description of why and we’ll add it to the list as long as we give it credit.

Zombie pop party!

You can play this map alone or with up to three friends, making it the perfect map for you and your team. Take out the challenger in you by flying through an infected city to eliminate as many zombies as possible. It even includes a board for you and your friends to take notes!

Sentinel goal course

This course has no challenge mechanics other than strictly improving your objective. It puts you in several different scenarios, populate some sentry robots and fight your inner fighter to reach the objectives. Whether you’re trying to improve your objective or just keep it up to date, you’ll want to give this map a try!

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Shotgun marksmanship course !!!!!

Shotguns are still the best melee weapon, good when you’re up close! Nothing can beat a shotgun blast like your tear at your enemies. If you want to improve your aim in close combat, then the Shotgun Aim course is perfect for you. This course requires some editing skills, so be careful with that!

Ultimate Edit & Aim Course

If you want a marksmanship course that has it all, this is the one for you! With more than 45 training sections, ranging from basic training to publishing training and, of course, objective training. It really is a maximum goal course!

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Teadoh Training Island

One of the great additions to Chapter 2: Season 3 is the Loaded Shotgun. It is difficult to train with him right now, but you can use this card to improve yourself. This has a ton of different areas that you can use to train so you should be able to achieve your goal much better with this. The problem at this point is that Charge Shotgun is not spawning well in Creative, so you will have to do a Public Match to get the weapon. Watch the video below for more details on this. This card is also great for any other marksmanship training, so use it for other weapons too!

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Sniper card not hit

It is a slightly different map, as you will need other players to use it. This forces you to only use sniper rifles and pistols in an environment with a lot of gorillas and ways to jump around the map. If you wanted to work on your sniper target, it will be difficult to find a better option than live players in a sniper-centric mode. If you’re an older person like me, this might remind you of a Counter-Strike mode called Scouts & Knives. You would use the Scout sniper rifle, which was a pretty bad weapon, and you would have low gravity. It was a funny moment because everyone was caught with the gun and had to kill with it or with the knife. Either way, if you’re looking for a fun way to practice your marksmanship, this is a great option!

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Raider Box Combat Practice

If you really want an intense class that focuses on quick editing and snapshot taking, this one will give you everything you could ask for. There are tons of different boxes to train in and you can practice intensively on this important aspect of the game.

Classic mongraal

This is specially designed for practicing taking a wall, placing your own, modifying it, adding a ramp, and then modifying the ramp to hit with a shotgun. It really is good muscle memory practice for this important boxing maneuver.

Skaavok goal training

If you are looking for a great variety of crawling, shooting, tile frenzy, and more. Mongraal, one of the best Fortnite players, uses this map quite often to prepare for the day. So, consider spending time with some of these little mini-games every day to reach your goal!

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Target Training: Geerzy’s Combat Training Course

A wide variety of different options to try and upgrade with all new moving aim cutouts giving you a more familiar target. There are some small build sections as well, but these are good practice and combine purpose with quick build. Targets also activate aim assist for players on your console.

Goal Training: Teadoh – Tons of Versatile Training Options

Wide variety of different options with this course. You can practice mod shots, against an AR robot, jump shots at zombies, fly through the air and switch weapons to hit targets, hit shotgun shots from low ground, shoot at an angle and much more. Excellent course if you are looking for a variety of different options to try!

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