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Forgotten technologies

Forgotten technologies

In the age of electronics, robotics, and industrial lifting structures, it can make you smile that someone works on ancient technologies to move huge rocks. But they are systems that can shed light on how certain weights were once lifted.

Investigating is a retired carpenter, the Englishman Wally Wallington, who for the occasion has put up a website with the emblematic title, The Forgotten Technology. A site where he recounts how “twelve years ago I had to remove 1200-pound concrete blocks from an exhibit floor. The problem is that we didn’t have a car that could reach some of these blocks (…) By using some rocks and placing them in balance, I removed the blocks from under the pavement to a position where they could be reached and removed ”.

According to Wallington, who presents on his website a Quicktime movie about his “ancient technology”, this kind of tools, made of means available for millennia, could be the basis of some ancient constructions, such as Stonhenge, on whose realization there are still doubts on the part. of historians.

Below the video: