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Florence-Pisa-Livorno on 3G mobile phones

Florence-Pisa-Livorno on 3G mobile phones

Florence – The Province of Florence announces the start of the experimentation of the Video Call Center service for Fi.Pi.Li. (Florence-Pisa-Livorno), which will allow motorists to monitor the traffic of the freeway from their UMTS mobile phone. A measure that could cheer the hearts of those who day after day find themselves stuck in queues often long kilometers, partly due to the construction sites that in recent months infest the Fi.Pi.Li, partly to the increase in traffic volume along that road .

The result of the technological collaboration between Aethra, Autostrade per l’Italia, in its capacity as representative of the ATI Global Service, Infoblu, AVR, Sodi Strade, the service began yesterday a test period which will end on Friday 16 November 2007, in which – Monday to Friday from 9 to 13 and from 14.30 to 17.30 – a call center operator will be available to provide information, including video, on the traffic situation. The operator will be able to manage only one video call at a time (any concurrent video calls will remain waiting for the operator to be free).

“The Video Call Center – explains a note released by the Province – was conceived in the first place to allow motorists to view, from a UMTS mobile phone enabled for video calls, the traffic situation recorded in real time by the cameras of the Province of Florence located on the Florence-Pisa-Livorno highway. But the new service also allows the guards on duty on the FI-PI-LI to view the footage of the fixed or mobile cameras from a UMTS mobile phone and comment on them in audio conference with the Radio Room located in Rosignano at the SAT and in videoconference with other technicians. of the road network “.

The service can also be integrated with a camera installed on board a helicopter or other surveillance vehicles in service on the FI-PI-LI or even some trucks that regularly pass on the freeway. Nor are monitors mounted on shuttle buses for the parking exchanger, which will receive the broadcasts of “FlorenceTV” (WebTV of the Province of Florence) excluded.

“A motorist for example – reads the note again – can view the traffic situation on his UMTS mobile phone before entering a particular stretch of road, deciding (possibly with the help of a VCC operator) to take an alternative route . A traffic technician, as well as any motorist, will be able for example to report an emergency to the radio room and send live images, again via their UMTS mobile phone, for a first qualitative analysis of the situation and a more rapid intervention decision “.

Soon the system could see further additions and allow users to make some video content relating to other types of services, such as tourist information, hotels, public utility services etc. available to users.

In its experimental phase, the service has a tariff equal to the cost of the video call only according to the user’s tariff plan. The number to dial is 071.2188800; TIM users, on the other hand, will have to use the number 899.633363, at a cost of approximately 2 euros per minute.