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Elon Musk challenges Facebook and makes fun of WhatsApp

Elon Musk challenges Facebook and makes fun of WhatsApp

Elon Musk always takes his risks, never backing down, so it is no surprise that he boldly ignores the serious dangers that his Teslas have to face every day in order to indulge in targeted digs at the WhatsApp security .

WhatsApp, that’s right. Although no one has brought Musk into question, and although the case has in no way touched the Tesla world or the empire of its founder, Elon Musk has seen fit to participate with irony in the criticism against Mark Zuckerberg on the issue of the security of his app. for mobile communications. This is the tweet – which has raised a lot of hilarity and reactions:

New emoji! Last one comes with free phone hack. pic.twitter.com/T3jjwZycog

– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) February 6, 2020

The reference is clearly to the – however burning – issue of the violation of the smartphone of Jeff Bezos , founder and CEO of Amazon. Although the case remains open, according to the first reconstructions the problem would have been inherent in a video sent via WhatsApp to the same Bezos, which would have led to the installation of a malware with the consequent theft of data from the entrepreneur’s smartphone. Musk thus wanted to mock the security of WhatsApp, also echoing the heavy words coming from Telegram on the same theme (the founder accuses WhatsApp of having deliberately provided known and dangerous backdoors inside).

All this happens in the same days that Musk himself announces a hackaton at his home to gather the best hacking talents in search of answers and stress-tests on the Tesla autopilot cars. A gauntlet thrown in the ring of others? Musk’s message seems to be this: security is not optional, security must be standard.