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E-Privacy 2005 and frontier technologies

E-Privacy 2005 and frontier technologies

Florence – The countdown has started for the two days that on May 27 and 28 at Palazzo Vecchio in the Tuscan capital will once again see the debate on data retention and insights into the main technologies designed to protect confidentiality.

At the conference, here the official website, will participate among others also Nick Mathewson the father of two of the most promising privacy systems on the net: Tor and Mixminion.

As is known, these are free software tools that guarantee the maintenance of absolute privacy during web browsing and e-mail exchange, and which are already at the center of a series of Italian hacker initiatives, such as the now famous Privacy Box .

In particular, Mixminion represents the latest generation of anonimous remailer while Tor is presented as “the most recent Onion Routing design”, that is a system designed to prevent the interception or analysis of network traffic by “strangers eyes”.

It will not be an exclusively technical presentation – the promoters warn – but the social impact of technologies of this kind will also be assessed, trying to outline their future development.

The occasion will also be tempting for the official delivery of the Big Brothers Awards Italy 2005 with the participation of Privacy International, the organization that launched the initiative, aimed at “rewarding” the worst examples of privacy demolition.

The delegates of the Winston Smith Project will then be responsible for presenting the aforementioned “Privacy Box” but we will also talk about the “Open Privacy” project of Firenze Tecnologia, of PGP and much more.

The whole program with all the information to participate is here