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Do British monkeys love cell phones?

Do British monkeys love cell phones?

London – A real fatal attraction is what some monkeys, guests of the London zoo, have been shown to try for the mobile phone, so much so that some researchers have to subject them to an original Pavlovian-type therapy to stop their addiction to them communication tools.

According to what was announced by the managers of the famous zoo, colorful displays and ringtones of the visitors’ mobile phones had a particular attraction on the squirrel-monkeys. The primates, housed in an open enclosure, had shown on several occasions to assume rash attitudes, doing everything to get hold of them.

Particularly exposed to the risk of “snatching”, those who were preparing to take photographs with their mobile phones to portray the animals.

A weaning program aimed at stopping the growing interest of monkeys in cell technology was therefore developed. The zoo workers thus recovered old mobile phones, which were covered with a sticky substance, towards which the squirrel-monkeys felt hostility. “They soon realized they no longer had to touch visitors’ mobile phones and went back to their usual pastimes of eating and sleeping,” said Malcolm Fitzpatrick, London Zoo’s Head of Mammals.