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Develop. On MySpace

Develop. On MySpace

As with the global market, Web 2.0 is becoming more and more global and the giants are dueling to conquer it. This is indicated by the plans of a large network like MySpace, in whose projects with a very short deadline there is the launch of the MySpace Platform a much awaited novelty, in many respects similar to the one already anticipated in May by Facebook and which tends to raise the leadership in MySpace social networking.

The operation, within the framework of the leadership duel between the two big names already in place for some time, consists in the creation of an API (application programming interface) platform on the basis of which the insertion of widgets, Java scripts, Flash applications can be developed. and, of course, access the blocks of information available to MySpace ie the user profile the friends list the activity log and any other goodies stored on servers.

Everything will be supported by a special version of markup language and seasoned with a careful study of advertising opportunities offered by the novelty. The sine qua non will be applications they will have to reside on the MySpace servers .

Already last year, there were “technical tests” on MySpace: as Mashable reports in this post, in mid-September one of the novelties that appeared on the horizon was an RSS feed reader in Flash, which more than someone found to be very helpful.

The story leads to inevitable similarities with what has already been done by Facebook: on its dedicated site, developers can find all possible information for the complete application development And complex that refer, in any way, to Facebook and yours social heritage And informative . Singular the definition of FQL which stands for Facebook Query Language, whose naming and syntax sound like real “SQL clones”.

In the context of the globalization (or could we say glocalization?) Of social networking there are also other actors, certainly no less important: one of these is precisely eBay who recently started his own Neighborhood (the “neighborhood”, the “neighborhood”, a polite way of saying “your fellow men”). The dedicated page, not yet available in Italian, is a whole program: in the left column eBay explains: the Neighborhoods are places for people like you, who want to relate through their common passions for products and topics. You can jump right in and join in, or pay a visit and just look, it’s up to you.

Also eBay , to the cry of “developers! developers!”, recently called upon the forces to expand the API park and bring it to the greatest possible diffusion. If we add to this that Europe as a whole, with regard to social networking, is now considered a mature market, albeit with Italy in the tail and England in the lead, the business becomes promising: among the innovations introduced in the advertising field, with Facebook leading the way and MySpace following closely, the advertising revenue resulting from ads in applications will be fully cashed by who publishes them .

Marco V. Principality