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Dell, new (small) step towards Linux

Dell, new (small) step towards Linux

In response to the interest shown by visitors to the DellIdeaStorm.com site in Linux and open source software, Dell has decided, as a first step, to certify its business desktop PCs for operation with SUSE Linux. The company has also promised, in the coming months, to extend the number of XPS workstations that can be ordered without an operating system or extra software.

In order not to upset anyone, Dell said that in the near future he also plans to collaborate with other Linux distributors in addition to Novell: this with the aim of certifying their business PCs for use with other desktop distributions, such as Ubuntu, Linspire, Mandriva etc.

For the moment, however, the American manufacturer made no mention of a willingness to pre-install Linux or OpenOffice on their machines, let alone on consumer models, which for the moment also remain outside the certification plans for Linux.

However, Dell said it will continue to closely monitor the numerous proposals posted on DellIdeaStorm.com and investigate their possible commercial application.