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DAVE, 20 gigabytes for mobile phones

DAVE, 20 gigabytes for mobile phones

Rome – Mobile phones are chasing PCs faster and faster and will soon reach them also in terms of mass memory. In the future, now within reach, there will also be room for DAVE, the technology that allows Seagate to offer cell phones and other portable devices a storage capacity of 20 GB.

Presented at the Demo 07 conference, the DAVE technology (which stands for Digital Audio Video Experience and its previous code name was “Crickett”) identifies a real “platform”, developed by the Californian company, consisting of a tiny wireless drive Bluetooth that can be safely stored in a pocket and connected with compatible devices.

Rob Pait, Seagate Director of Global Marketing Consumer explains on Wired that enjoying streaming content is not ideal for users and professionals. “It is definitely better to have plenty of space to store what is downloaded from the network,” Pait observes, adding: “Seagate has understood that most networks, especially peer-to-peer ones, are not very usable if you don’t have a good storage solution “.

“The products that will use DAVE technology – observes Patrick King vice president of the consumer electronics division – will allow the user to store data and content for entertainment and professional use, which can be exchanged and connected to other devices”. Seagate explains that the microdrive with DAVE technology will be about half an inch (less than 1.5 cm) thick and similar in size to a credit card: “smaller, thinner and lighter than a MotoRAZR,” says Pait.

Compatibility declared: J2ME, BREW, Windows Mobile, Symbian, XCCC and soon Palm too. The platform, the company specifies, is open source, which means that anyone will be able to create new applications on their system. And the declared autonomy is considerable: 10 hours of operation and 14 days of standby time.

Seagate plans to launch the 10GB drive next summer, followed shortly by the double-capacity one. Prices should start at around $ 150 (just under $ 120).