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Data recovery, clean room in Italy

Data recovery, clean room in Italy

With a press release just released to the press, the company engaged in data recovery activities (data recovery, computer forensics, data erasure, data conversion and mailbox recovery) Kroll Ontrack, has announced that it has opened what it considers to be the first Italian clean room.

The clean room, as known, is an environment where the presence of suspended particles is limited, the purity level of the air is measured with a Class indicator. “Kroll Ontrack technicians and engineers – explains the note – operate in Class 100 clean rooms (designed to admit no more than 100 dust particles – 0.5 thousandths of a millimeter or larger – per cubic foot of air) to the opening of the storage media in total safety “.

According to the company, the new Italian center “represents a real pole of technological excellence that can manage dozens of processes in parallel and rely on over 100 proprietary software tools – advanced technologies, developed by Kroll Ontrack in its own centers research and development in Europe and the United States – and on a team of specialists who collaborate daily with Kroll Ontrack’s network of clean rooms and laboratories around the world to share experiences and technical information ”.

Kroll Ontrack, the Italian division, is available at this address