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Copyright, commissions set up

Copyright, commissions set up

Last Thursday, October 25, at the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, the President of the Permanent Advisory Committee for Copyright, prof. Alberto Maria Gambino, has set up the commissions for the reorganization of the Italian legislation on copyright.

“The Commissions will be coordinated by two experts designated within the Committee by Minister Rutelli – reads a note – Professor Valeria Falce, researcher at the Observatory of Intellectual Property, Competition and Communications of the Luiss University of Rome, and Dr. Ferdinando Tozzi, Italian member of AIPPI, International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property “.

The commissions “will deal with the study of legal solutions to harmonize, simplify and rationalize legislation, adapting it to current law and the principles of the European Union, with particular reference to digital technologies”.

During the inauguration ceremony, Professor Gambino reminded the members that “a study for the revision of copyright requires, on the one hand, constant reference to the principles of constitutional rank that govern the matter and, on the other, a diversified analysis of the creative processes as they occur in the various sectors. All this – concluded the President – means finding the balance point between the value of the work of the intellect (…) and the fair remuneration of authors and operators in a dynamic and competitive market “.