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Comcast: Yes, we censor P2P

Comcast: Yes, we censor P2P

Net neutrality has nothing to do with it, traffic shaping has nothing to do with it. According to Comcast, the P2P affair limping on its network, which with 11 million subscribers is the second largest in the States, it is a question of justice : users of file sharing suck huge amounts of bandwidth to the detriment of the majority of surfers who, moreover, Comcast declares, does not even use P2P.

An anonymous executive of the US provider tells the New York Times: the interviewee does not go into details, but explains that the mechanism that regulates the operation of the provider’s traffic is much more complicated than it seems . In some cases, if conditions require it, some packets may experience some delay in transmission. “Nothing to worry about,” she points out.

The problem is that now something seems not to work with Lotus Notes as well , which notoriously has nothing to do with file sharing via P2P. According to reports, working from home with one of the most famous groupware applications could be a problem for Comcast subscribers: indications of a possible filter on port 1352 are multiplying, and now there are also rumors about a block of some VoIP protocols. Even classic FTP would pay the price of new control technology.

Comcast, for its part, reiterates that it is committed to “ensuring a quality experience” to all its customers. To do this it is necessary manage in some way the exuberance of P2P protocols : delaying them, according to the version of the provider, or disturbing them according to the opinion of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Meanwhile, as Comcast spoke anonymously to the NYTimes, Torrent Freak was scrambling to come up with the solution to avoid filters.

Luca Annunziata