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Chrome 27: All the changes and improvements you need to know about

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Chrome 27 is getting closer to leaving the beta channel and becoming a stable release for the masses running Windows, Linux, or Mac. And the new version brings a handful of UI changes, bug fixes, a smoother experience. faster web browsing and new HTML5 forms.

In version 27 of the popular browser, Google says that users will have a noticeably faster web browsing experience, but don’t expect a huge difference, it’s only around 5% on average.

Chrome v27 also brings some new tweaks to the user interface. For starters, the Chrome team has overhauled the New Tab page, removed the Apps page, and redesigned the Most Visited page. Now there’s a new page that includes a Google search box, which, when you start typing, will move the query to the omnibox, and you’ll see only four of your “Most Visited” links, instead of eight. The Apps page now appears in the bookmarks bar as a shortcut next to the Other Favorites folder.

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It is also worth mentioning the omnibox that was reformulated. In Chrome version 27, when you type a term, you’ll notice that partial results now fill the width of the browser, instead of the old popup style, and also hide the bookmarks bar when searching.

Or recently closed the tab menu has also been removed and now you can open the last closed tab in the main menu or by using the Ctrl + Shift + T keyboard shortcut. To access older tabs, you need to navigate to the History page; makes sense, but it takes more time to redeem that specific tab.

Or Other Devices menu is no longer available for easy access on the New Tab page, it has been moved to the main menu, under the Recent Guides option.

other changes

New enhancements also include a fancy new way to display forms using HTML5, and Google is introducing a new Web Audio API is a Sync FileSystem API for developing Chrome apps.

Finally, the search giant is adding some new improvements to DevTools in Chrome, Dock-to-right supports vertically split viewing, and you can now right-click resources in the Network tab to “Copy as cURL” . The network panel has been adjusted to allow you to customize which columns are displayed, including the new “domain”. Console messages can now be filtered by source and paint events on the implement side are now displayed correctly in the timeline. Exploring Chrome flags (chrome://flags), you’ll notice that “Google Now” is available, but it doesn’t work. And if you’ve enabled a lot of flags, you’ll find a new “Reset All to Defaults” button very handy.

You can try Chrome version 27 beta here, if you can’t wait until the stable version is released.

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Source The Chromium Blog | Image via flickr by yukop

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