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Cell Phones to Prevent Cancer?

Cell Phones to Prevent Cancer?

Beersheva (Israel) – Do cell phones cause cancer or can they prevent it? This last doubt seems a contradiction, yet a new technology applicable to cellular telephony could help medical research in breast cancer prevention tests. By adding only an infrared camera and software.

This was reported by the Israeli provider Cellcom, illustrating the new technology: once enabled to detect temperature differences and oxygen flows, cell phones could become self-diagnostic tools for oncological and cardio-vascular problems.

But breast cancer would be the pathology that would best meet with the innovative solution: according to the words of Dr. Nitzan Yaniv, who developed it, women would have a non-invasive and effective tool at their disposal. For a diagnosis, they should only photograph themselves and transfer the image to an analysis laboratory, awaiting evaluation.

A new foray into the medical field by cellular telephony, after Emma, ​​the cell phone that does ultrasound, and which could open up new developments in the field of self-diagnosis. The Soroka medical center in Beersheva is in fact carrying out some tests on the cardiovascular diagnostic capabilities of devices equipped with this new technology, to be used in parallel with traditional equipment.