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Cell by plane, with Air France you can

Cell by plane, with Air France you can

Paris – Say goodbye to easy travel by plane? Maybe yes, if it will soon be possible to use mobile phones in flight. Because these days the news is that it will be an Airbus A 318, with the colors of Air France, one of the very first European aircraft that can be used to make calls with a mobile phone.

This was announced by OnAir, which in a note explains how the French company is about to welcome an airplane equipped with the OnAir system in its hangars, with which a six-month test will be conducted on commercial routes in Europe and North Africa. The experimental phase will allow Air France to evaluate the impact that the new service will have on every aspect, both technical (as regards the cockpit) and customer service.

Passengers will be asked to provide the company with their opinions and impressions on the new service, which will offer the opportunity to make phone calls and use messaging services (SMS and e-mail), with the guarantee – declared by OnAir – that no interference it will cause problems with the navigation systems of the aircraft.

OnAir, sharing the positions of Connexion (a company of the Boeing group), stated that the technologies currently used will demonstrate the goodness of the service, which will not give any problems during the flight. For safety, however, electronic devices must be kept off during critical moments, ie take-off and landing.

Dario Bonacina