The Samsung little shepherds are ready for the nativity scene

LG ready for YouTube-phonino

Samsung ready with an entry-level 3G

Are 50,000 Gphones ready?

KDE 3.5, the eighth version ready

Morocco, Berber mobile phones ready

Italian students ready for the Microsoft journey

Universal ready to break with iTunes

Cyborg bugs now ready to take off

Italy ready for the Large Genetic Database

PSP, universal hack ready

Blu-ray, the new lock is ready

TorrentSpy and IsoHunt ready to commit suicide

Airbus ready to fly mobile phones

Visual Studio 2008, Beta 2 ready

ASUS ready with the new M530w

AMD ready to challenge Intel Active Management

Motorola: get ready for the cinemaphone

Microsoft: ready to compete with Google

Viacom ready to eat

Crack HD DVD, AACS ready to sue everyone?

Googlephone ready for Christmas?

Is iPhone Really Ready for June Launch?

The … biocompatible nanoprobes are ready

BenQ now ready to churn out the C31

Vodafone Internet offer ready

Memories, Intel ready for the Flash killer

Paris, the cleaver on citizen journalism is ready

Fastweb ready to move to Switzerland

Trentino ready for wireless?

Brussels ready for new sanctions against Microsoft

AACS is a sieve, ready the new crack

Asus ready with the new cell M530w

Is your PC ready for Windows Vista?

IBM is ready for 3D chips

The first US driving licenses with RFID are ready