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Cars, the mobile phone as an immobilizer?

Cars, the mobile phone as an immobilizer?

Rome – In the automotive world, opening and ignition devices are becoming more and more popular, making the classic “ignition key” superfluous. However, it seems that at least some of these devices suffer from a vulnerability, or a feature, which lead to the system freezing when they come in contact with a mobile phone. Nissan, one of the best known brands in the industry, says so.

According to reports from The Register, in fact, the Japanese manufacturer (of the Renault group) has warned its customers about the risk of malfunctioning of the “I-Key” electronic key, used for the 2007 version of the Altima and Infiniti G35 models (some of which , imported at the same time, also circulates on Italian roads).

According to the company, electromagnetic emissions during a phone call can clear the memory of the electronic key of the two cars: “We have discovered that if an I-Key touches a cell phone … the calls can potentially alter the code stored in it” said a spokesperson. of the company. Hence the decision to communicate to its customers to maintain a minimum safety distance of one inch (2.54 cm) between the mobile phone and the electronic key.

Those who do not follow this suggestion, Nissan argues, can therefore risk that their car will not open or start. Which is a problem because the key, explains the carmaker, it is not reprogrammable . Of course, it can be replaced, but the operation takes time. Not bad if the car is in the garage of the house and you have no trips planned, but if the problem occurs in front of a level crossing, in the parking lot of the supermarket with the trunk overflowing, or while accompanying the wife to give birth, the hassle can become dramatic.

Dario Bonacina