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Capellas leaves HP-Compaq


Capellas leaves HP-Compaq

Rome – HP-Compaq confirmed yesterday that its president Micheal Capellas, former Chief Executive Officer of Compaq, is leaving the company. In addition to resigning from the position of president, Capellas also leaves the Board of Directors of the company while the position of president, at least for the moment, will not be covered with a new appointment.

At the news of the resignation, the market reacted by pushing up the shares of the IT giant, also thanks to the statements of the company’s CEO, Carly Fiorina, according to whom: “We have reached a natural transition point. Micheal followed the goal of participating in the merger and now, thanks to the work of the whole team, we have achieved or exceeded all the objectives of the integration “.

On the future of Capellas yesterday the Wall Street Journal and other authoritative sources spoke of his probable arrival at the top of the troubled WorldCom, the TLC giant that is struggling amid the financial scandal that overwhelmed him and that still manages the backbones today. on which a significant part of the world’s internet traffic runs.

“I feel comfortable making this move – said Capellas, who did not however confirm the WorldCom issue – due to the progress made in the merger, the excellent moment in the market for HP and the strength of its management team”.