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BT Vision, IPTV by Microsoft

BT Vision, IPTV by Microsoft

London – BT is launching BT Vision, the long-awaited IPTV offer spread via broadband which, according to the company’s forecasts, aims to reach two-three million users in the medium term.

The promotional launch envisages that BT subscribers who already have access to broadband will have the opportunity to subscribe to the service by using the contents of BT Vision without subscription costs, using a decoder that will be offered free of charge.

The offer is based on the Microsoft TV IPTV Edition software platform and includes the use of Philips set-top boxes.

BT Vision, the company specifies, offers over 40 digital terrestrial channels, an on-demand video content library and the possibility of digital recording of broadcasts from the set-top-box, which is equipped with a hard disk that can hold up to 80 hours of programs. The device is also equipped with two tuners, smart card reader and HDTV input.

The BT Vision television offer can be consulted here.