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Bitlife Gatsby Challenge Guide – Professional Game Guides

The new Bitlife challenge just dropped and will take you back in time to the roaring twenties.

Bitlife Gatsby Challenge Rules

Gatsby has long been considered the great American challenge, and now he has the green light. Buckle up for this exciting 1920s ride!

Here are the rules for Bitlife Gatsby Challenge; Later, we will explain how to complete each of them.

  • Living in New York
  • Be a famous author
  • Have more than 20 friends
  • Host more than 10 wild parties in your mansion
  • Getting addicted to alcohol

How to complete the Bitlife Gatsby challenge

In general, these objectives of the Gatsby Challenge are not difficult to achieve. To complete the first one, all you have to do is start a new life and choose NY as your place to start. You can also travel if you are not currently in New York or the United States by going to the activities tab and using the option called Emigrate. When you find the option, scroll down until you see United States.

The next one is a bit more complicated, as you will have to leave to become a famous author at a young age. Start by creating a card with a high smart stat of at least sixty and above. Then keep getting older until you reach the school years; When this happens, start clicking on the Study Harder option under the school.

Combine this with the library while reading lots of books. You will also want to be very happy and possibly increase your Total Intelligence to 100, to have the best chance of becoming famous.

You will need to keep doing this until you graduate and are ready for college; when this happens, choose education or English as a specialty. Then repeat the same steps as before, study a lot, go to the library and read a lot of books.

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After finishing college, apply to become a writer on jobs and stay there for at least 20 years; eventually, you will become a famous writer. When this happens, you will unlock more options to maintain your fame with various activities. With that said, look for a recently unlocked activities tab called Fame; below there will be an option to write a book, click on it and keep doing it until you become a famous author.

Once you have become a famous author, you must have at least 20 friends; you can complete this as you get older in the game. Over time, you will receive notifications from people who want to become your friends, and you must accept them until you reach 20 friends. Also, if you become a famous author, chances are a lot of people want to be your friend.

When you have more than 20 friends, you will have to organize ten wild parties in your mansion. To achieve this goal, you will first need to have a lot of money to buy a mansion in the Asset Shopping tab. If one isn’t available to buy, keep aging until there is one, then once you purchase your mansion, visit your property and there will be an option to host a party.

Now for the last goal, you will have to get addicted to alcohol. To achieve this, you just need to continue heading to the nightclubs in the activities tab and accept all the drink offers. If you continue, there is a possibility that you will become addicted.

To find out more Bitlife, PGG has you covered. Visit our games page for Bitlife for various guides to game challenges and activities. To get started, we recommend that you check out how to become a mob boss and how to search for Bitlife.

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