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B750, the video-Samsung

B750, the video-Samsung

Seoul – It has a rotating screen, but it’s not a Japanese robot superweapon, but a mobile phone from Samsung. It is called SCH-B750 and has video capabilities as its peculiar characteristics, which make it a sort of video camera.

As you can guess from that “SCH” which constitutes the first half of the acronym, it is a device destined only – at least for now – for the Korean market. The B750 allows you to record clips and edit them, inserting soundtracks and titles.

Recordings can be made with 320 × 240 or 352 × 288 pixel resolution. Videos shot with this “web 2.0” smartphone, if not uploaded to MySpace, YouTube, or the Korean Pandora TV service, can be viewed on the 2.2-inch QVGA display.

Do not miss the camera functionality (maximum resolution 3 Megapixel), the media player, Bluetooth connectivity, digital TV support in DMB format.

Its price is just over 450 euros.