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Asus ready with the new cell M530w

Asus ready with the new cell M530w

The smartphone market segment is crowded with ambitious devices, i.e. multifunction devices that add so many functions to the telephone characteristics that the user forgets that he is holding a telephone. To these we are about to add the new M530w from Asus.

The first element that stands out on the new smartphone presented by Asus, under the 2.4-inch display at 65 thousand colors (resolution 320 × 240 pixels), is the extended QWERTY keyboard, a feature that already suggests some possible qualities suitable for considering it. more “computer” than “phone” and which makes it aesthetically similar to products such as BlackBerry, Palm Treo and so on.

On board the M530w model there is the Windows Mobile 6 operating system (from which the “W” in the identification code derives), which includes support for MS Office and PDF applications thanks to the ClearVue document reader. From the communications point of view, it is a Triband GPRS / UMTS terminal with USB, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, which does not lack the ability to connect to various mail servers (POP3, IMAP4, Microsoft Exchange, BlackBerry 4.0) and to offer the support for Windows Live Messenger, SMS, MMS 1.2.

The remaining features include the multimedia player (MP3, WMA, AAC, Midi, WMV and Mpeg4) and an internal memory of 256 MB Flash + 64 MB SDRAM, expandable with MicroSD cards. Its dimensions are 117x65x13.8 mm, while the weight is 135 grams.