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Are mobile phones made of plastic only?

Are mobile phones made of plastic only?

Many users have discovered the hard way: cell phones are not unbreakable. Especially if they fall to the ground from a certain height or are thrown. But they could be much more durable if they were made entirely of plastic, according to a study conducted by a Dutch researcher.

The results of the hot water research were published in the April issue of the journal Physical Review Letter, in which Paulette Prins, of Delft University of Technology, documents how electronic components made from recycled plastic can have similar conductive properties to boards in silicon, commonly used in cell phones, MP3 players and other portable devices. This will be possible by using technologies which, however, will only be able to reach the market in a few years.

The plastic components have been nicknamed “droppable electronic” (electronics that can fall) and the only limit, which even today could not be exceeded, to consider the use of plastic as the only manufacturing material, is a minutia: the need to have chips in alternative materials.

“The reason cell phones and iPods stop working after crashing to the floor,” explains a LiveScience.com article, “is that the chips contain microscopic circuits that transmit operational signals through the device. Falls disturb and interrupt these transmissions. Plastic chips could better absorb the effects of falls ”.

The key would consist in giving the material to be used a molecular structure such as to make the plastic microprocessors achieve the same performance as current chips. Everything suggests that there will be a wait.