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Apple’s mixed reality glasses will use 8K screens and will cost € 3,000 according to The Information

Apple’s mixed reality wants to be different and, above all, better. At least that’s what the data published by The Information indicates, which reveals that Apple’s project will have some notable features.

In these mixed reality glasses we will have according to this information with two 8K displays and more than ten cameras to follow our movements. The price, yes, will keep you away from many users, because it is estimated that they will cost around € 3,000, something that had already been reported to Bloomberg a few days ago.

High-end mixed reality, of course

The data is surprising, especially since today you can buy models like the Oculus Quest 2, a model that we found “outstanding” in our review. for almost a tenth of the assumed price of these Apple glasses.

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Certainly the resolution of these displays raises some really promising experiences, but we also hope that these glasses work in virtual reality mode – “lock” the outside world and enter a virtual environment – and also in augmented reality mode which will be based on cameras to show the outside world and superimpose images in the style of what Microsoft’s Hololens do.

These cameras should allow the device to track the movement of our eyes and hands, as well as the glasses, with a design similar to models from other manufacturers, such as the Oculus mentioned above. will have a ldar to improve distance measurement between the objects that we have around us.

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There will be other elements that these glasses will inherit from current products. For example, him spatial audio technology that we were able to experience on their recent AirPods Max, but there will also be a leading role for the Apple’s new ARM chips, which would improve all that virtual reality and augmented reality experience.

Data from The Information reveals that the device is already in a very advanced stage of development and could make its appearance in 2022. Many of the details that this post offers are not new and were revealed almost three years ago, but in The Information they seem to have had access to a prototype.

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It is true that this and other indications seem to indicate that Apple will indeed make a bet in this segment, which is somewhat surprising given that the Cupertino company never seems to have had a particular interest in the world of video games except for their mobiles.

Precisely here we can see the takeoff of these virtual reality and augmented reality games, but more on the iOS side since it is on iPhone and iPad that the world of augmented reality has been promoted with ARKit.

Image | Unsplash

Via | Engadget

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