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Apple music goes through Logic Studio

Apple music goes through Logic Studio

Cupertino (USA) – Apple has introduced a new suite of professional audio applications, called Logic Studio, which includes an updated version of Logic Pro and an all new tool, MainStage, for live performance.

Logic Pro 8 the latest version of Apple’s mature music creation and production software, adopts a single-window interface that, according to Apple, provides more immediate access to audio compositions and related editing functions.

The software also includes a new audio production tool, Quick Swipe Comping, and support for multichannel tracks and buses, True Surround effects and snap-to-transient selections.

Logic Pro 8 also includes Soundtrack Pro 2 a professional audio post-production application capable of integrating with Final Cut Pro.

The newborn MainStage on the other hand, it is a tool capable of transforming a Mac into a complete system for managing audio and MIDI and USB instruments in live performances. The program is capable of displaying all controls within a 3D interface, providing racks of virtual keyboards, effects and templates for the guitar, plug-ins etc.

They are also part of Logic Studio Studio Instruments, Studio Effects and Studio Sound Library which contain collections of instruments, effects and audio samples respectively.

The Italian version of Logic Studio will soon be available at the price of 479 euros .