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Anyone can sell music online

Anyone can sell music online

Bucharest – Allow anyone with a website to sell from their pages music tracks and ringtones knowing immediately how much copyright he will have to pay and defining the profit margins. This is the idea of ​​the ORDA, a curious acronym of the Arbitration Commission of the Romanian Copyright Office.

As reported by EDRI, the turning point would consist in the definition of a fixed selling price and a particular “liberalization” strategy, if we can say so, of the online music market.

“Romanian internet users – writes EDRI – will pay an annual fixed quantum for any genre of music they intend to offer through their website both as streaming and as downloading, a fixed amount that will be equal to about 80 euros”. If the offer via the web includes the sale of music then the site operator will have to pay the 10 percent of the proceeds to the counterpart of the Italian SIAE. A sum that must consist of at least the equivalent of 8 euro cents for each track downloaded, regardless of the origin of the music.

Basically this is the turning point, because anyone will be able to place music for sale on their pages, sell it under the desired conditions, with the only requirement of paying the corresponding copyright.

Of absolute interest is the fact that rights holders who do not want their music to be the subject of these activities should expressly request to be included in a playlist that cannot be used by website operators. This therefore means opening up a potentially very wide variety of music transfer services via the web.

The extent of this evolution is mitigated by the fact that a large part of online music today is downloaded and exchanged with tools other than the web and it is therefore all to verify the real impact of an operation of this kind.

This singular and unprecedented choice was reached because the company that collects the rights of the publishers, the providers and the suppliers of ringtones have not been able to find an agreement. And it is therefore no coincidence that the providers have requested a review of the ORDA’s strategy, considering the 10 percent “tax” too high.