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  5. And there are those who shoot music via P2P in CC

And there are those who shoot music via P2P in CC

And there are those who shoot music via P2P in CC

The interview that La Gazzetta del Pirata, in the issue out today, dedicates to Lorenzo Monni, a young Italian musician who, in the wake of what happens more and more often on the music scene, is an interview that designs the new ways of the network and music. he decided to use a site, peer-to-peer and Creative Commons licenses to spread his own album. Here are some of the Gazzetta’s questions and Monni’s answers on these crucial issues for the present and future of online music.

La Gazzetta del Pirata: Usually artists are very careful not to let their copyright rights escape; you, on the other hand, have opted for a diametrically opposite choice, namely the release of the work under the CC license. Where does this choice come from?
Lorenzo Monni: This is not a record made to earn money, although I would certainly like it. By going out like this, without guarantees, but only with the Creative license, I have less obligations and more risks, but I am free to publish my music on the internet as I want. The hope is that no one takes advantage of my good faith. Then the Creative licenses give greater flexibility in treating the works of others for artistic reasons, which is not secondary.

Q: The way chosen for the release of your album is also unusual since you have thought about filesharing channels (emule and ed2k network). Where does this decision come from?
A: Freedom 🙂 No, come on, now that I’m young and artistically free I can still afford to make certain decisions and I made sure to take advantage of all the web distribution channels to get my record. You know, not having a serious distribution behind them, but only the help of a website, it is not easy for everyone to get to download the disc. Then I am a faithful user of p2p, yet I continue to buy discs. First I download them and then I buy them. I think it is the most correct solution.

Q: Aren’t you afraid that your cd may be renamed and used perhaps for purposes other than those for which it was born? How do you protect yourself in this respect?
A: Yes, I always have this thought in mind, it is a real risk, especially if they do it abroad where the voice of the record will be slow to arrive. But the Creative Commons protocol prohibits this type of thing, so in the event that such an event occurs I would try to leverage that, which is also recognized at the legislative level. But I don’t think something like this will happen. Also there are several people who knew about the release of the album even before March 2nd.

Q: What is the internet for you, just a news container or does it go further?
A: The Internet is heaven and **** together. For me it is one of the potentially most beautiful human inventions, a continuous and uncontrollable exchange of information and without limits of censorship or prejudice. It is a medium that feeds cultural and inter-cultural exchanges that would not be possible to establish otherwise. But it shouldn’t even be an excuse to isolate yourself from the real world and not take care of direct relationships with people. For many it becomes a refuge from external society, which is not a good thing. You can get to know culture through the web too, people can’t, people to really get to know them and talk to them you have to look them in the face, hear their tone of voice, their gestures.

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