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AND? Google Music time

AND? Google Music time

Mountain View (USA) – Google has put a nice treat for users under the tree. A new music search service that not only allows you to view album covers, song lists and discographies of bands and singers, but also to buy your favorite tracks directly through iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, MSN Music and many other online stores . Do not miss the possibility of being able to directly access the Google forums related to the artists and all the news? taken from Google News? that concern them.

In short, displacing the online community – which for some time has been feeding gossip on the possible advent of a new music platform signed by Google – here is a decisive twist. The Mountain View giant has decided to enter the fray on tiptoe. No sales system, DRM, preventive policy, but simply a information channel which allows the purchase on the music platforms of others.

From this week, users will be able to carry out all kinds of research related to music. The results also include links to sites specialized in publishing reviews and song lyrics. In the first case, Google takes advantage of a partnership with epinions. For texts, on the other hand, search the web directly.

“We are not starting our own music store; we are simply providing a service that allows you to legally investigate and purchase audio tracks through recognized platforms, ”said Marissa Mayer, vice president of search products and user experience at Google. “In this way we will satisfy the requests of users, who have been asking for support of this type for a long time. We have not done it in the past, now the time was ripe ”.

Google’s music service will leverage a selection of online libraries for information update. As regards, however, purchases of CDs – in the implementation phase – will be the same stores to send the lists of their inventories.

Google, according to official spokeswoman Megan Quinn, will not apply any fees to the service. The only entry will be represented by advertising. An economic model that in the first nine months of 2005, thanks to all the other services available, paid off well 4.2 billion dollars .

“Our engineers can work safely even on projects not strictly related to their tasks. This service, in fact, is the fruit of our support for free initiative. We call them “20 percent time projects”, because that’s the time they can spend on them, “Quinn explained.

Google with its music service has eluded all the problems, strictly related to copyright and tariffs, which are afflicting online stores. Even the recent battle waged by the MPA against sites that publish song lyrics will not worry her. Slyly, Google has seen fit to integrate links that lead to the offending pages and not directly view the editorial content. Have you thought of everything?

Dario d’Elia