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An Audi mobile phone is on the way

An Audi mobile phone is on the way

The world of mobile telephony is increasingly contaminated by the entry of brands that, with the world of TLC, have very little to do. And another car brand seems interested in entering this market: Audi’s four wheels are in fact ready to land on a mobile phone.

Anyone who sees a new competitor for the iPhone in this mobile phone with touchscreen interface may have to think again: the device, which was seen among the accessories on the prototype of the new Audi A1 model, is an integral part of the Metroproject Audi Mobile Device project, which in the intentions of the House will allow the motorist to keep control of his car at a distance.

The Audi Mobile Device is a dual-mode smartphone equipped with 3G and WiFi connectivity, as well as a GPS module: the ability to interact with the car allows you to remotely control certain functions such as opening the doors, the alarm (for see on the phone display what is filmed by a video camera placed in the passenger compartment), the air conditioner (useful for cooling the passenger compartment in the summer, well before getting on board), the starter motor (for lightning starts or simply to warm up the engine in the morning), the locator (in case of theft or amnesia on the parking location) and more.

All this transforms the device into a very advanced key-remote control, which comes close to the amazing devilry of which the Pontiac Trans-Am of the TV series Supercar was equipped, and makes the telephone functions of the device pass into the second (and even third) level. which also features a multimedia player.