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Alice is accelerating

Alice is accelerating

Milan – Telecom Italia today begins to press the accelerator on the Alice broad band offer: the previews of the past weeks are confirmed in a press release published by the company, which formalizes the upgrade to 7 Mbps for the top speed of its offer flat.

“The new ADSL Alice 7 Mega and Alice Business Flat offers – explains Telecom in a note – offer an Internet connection without time limits with a download speed of up to 7 megabits per second without cost variations compared to the previous flat offers at 2 megabits per second “. The maximum upload speed, as known, will instead be 384 kbps.

This solution is proposed to new customers and promised to current ones: “Starting from the next few months – adds the telephone company – even current Alice Flat customers with the 2 Mega profile will be able to benefit from the new speed, at no additional cost and without having to make any request. In fact, the gradual transition from the previous profile to the new 7 Mega offer is envisaged for both Residential and Business customers ”.

As is known, Telecom Italia is under investigation. The Antitrust intends to ascertain whether there has been an abuse of a dominant position in the telephony and broadband markets. “The offer – observes ADUC in the Ultimomiglio.news newsletter – could be one of those that the Antitrust will take into consideration in the investigation. The increase in speeds for all users will make it even more complicated for the competition to be able to file the market share of the former broadband monopolist, which is 65/70% “.

The accusations of the competitors, who moved the Guarantor of Competition and the Market to open the investigation, do not like the incumbent who, in a note, declared: “Telecom Italia firmly rejects, considering them deprived of any basis, the accusations moved by some competitors who are the basis of the investigation launched today (the press release is dated October 26, but was published yesterday, ed) by the Competition and Market Authority and relating to alleged anti-competitive behavior. The company will give maximum availability to the Authority to ascertain the truth “.

Dario Bonacina