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Alice Flat is now faster. For who?

Alice Flat is now faster. For who?

Milan – Telecom Italia presses the accelerator on Alice Flat and announces an increase in the peak download speed, which will reach 7 Mbit on offers aimed at business users. Various rumors on the Net give news of a generalized upgrade also on the residential offer.

The official announcement was made by the incumbent in the news published by the 191.it site: From 29 October 2007, the new customers Alice Business Flat, Alice Business Voce Flat and Alice Business Tutto Inclusive, of Telecom Italia, will be able to take advantage of greater speed at the same economic conditions with the new profile at speeds of 7Mbps / 384Kbps. This news is added to some press releases published, again by Telecom, on its wholesale portal, where it indicates a revision of the price list for “Wholesale ADSL access with 7 and 20 Mbit / s speeds”, on the ATM and Ethernet platforms.

In turn, these communications issued by the incumbent suggest that the 7 Mbit upgrade of Telecom Italia’s ADSL flat is generalized for Alice users, at least where the incumbent’s infrastructure allows it. A consideration that, for a few weeks, has been appearing in some forums, which indicate the operation of the Alice Flat upgrade from 30 October.

In this regard, PI Telefonia is waiting for Telecom Italia, which has been consulted in order to have an official position and a clarification useful for all users.

Dario Bonacina