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Agcom: Bitstream will change

Agcom: Bitstream will change

Institutional news on the Bitstream front: yesterday the Authority for Communications Guarantees, “on the proposal of the rapporteurs Nicola D’Angelo and Stefano Mannoni”, approved – with amendments – the technical and administrative conditions of the Telecom Italia reference offer for wholesale broadband services (ADSL bitstream).

“The economic conditions, as formulated in the reference offer – explains the Authority – will be applied provisionally, pending their final approval which will take place within thirty days with retroactive effect”.

“The technical and administrative conditions approved today – announces the authority chaired by Corrado Calabrò – will allow Telecom’s competing operators to take advantage of the new bitstream wholesale services, which have improved characteristics compared to Telecom Italia’s current wholesale offers (ADSL wholesale). Through the bitstream reference offer, competing operators will be able to expand the range of services offered to consumers, with significant savings as regards the purchase of wholesale services from Telecom Italia ”.

At the moment, the details of the changes that the Authority has declared to have made have not been disclosed. As is known, the alternative providers to the incumbent had not seen favorably the introduction of the bitstream offer, which provided for conditions considered onerous that had caused discontent shared by users.