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ADUC pulls the Telecom jacket

ADUC pulls the Telecom jacket

Florence – On a war footing with Telecom Italia, ADUC from its observatory reports new problems and complaints raised by users, which in addition to the accessibility of numbers with a surcharge for Alice Voce’s VoIP lines, are added to the “package “Of complaints that the association submits to the attention of the Communications Authority.

“Cases of non-activation of services by Telecom Italia follow one another” reports ADUC, specifying: “Not the ADSL, but the base line that this operator is unable to guarantee (as required by the law, within 10 days) to a super condominium in Florence and at the headquarters of the Parco dei Monti Simbruini institution (in Lazio). These are only two cases that have had the headlines, they are only the tip of the iceberg of the organizational-managerial disaster of the former monopolist. The reports that reach us are numerous. In Reggello (FI), for example, an entire route awaits activation from the end of 2006 ″.

ADUC also underlines the initiative of the incumbent which will make the added value numbers accessible, even to the VoIP lines of the Alice Voce offer (but only if the main line is authorized to access them, ed). “But why – asks the association – does the manager continue to enable these numbers unless explicitly requested for deactivation? We are pessimistic and mischievous (how could we not be given the manager’s past !?) and anticipate a new wave of inflated bills. The additional telephone numbers connected to the Alice Voce package – he observes – will be used in the family mainly by underage children and it is easy to foresee numerous phone calls to 899 on duty, stimulated by misleading advertisements such as those of the fake quizzes broadcast on private TVs by a company Polish (and reported by us to the Antitrust) “.

Finally, a criticism dense with distrust is moved by the association with the TLC Authority regarding the eventuality of the spin-off of the Telecom network: “The only sign of life of Agcom is the forecast that the times for the separation of the of Telecom Italia will be extended, as the deadline of end 2007 announced several times cannot be respected. We expect little from Agcom, so far it has only guaranteed the perpetuation of the harassment against users. And we are always waiting for Parliament to launch, as requested by us, the investigation into Telecom Italia’s services, an investigation that is becoming more and more necessary and urgent and that we take the opportunity to stimulate the individual components with this “news” of ours. of the parliamentary commission “.

Dario Bonacina