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A new wristband is already on sale


A new wristband is already on sale

Rome – They have not yet become a trend, but the offer of wrist phones for advanced technophiles seems to be growing. The latest novelty is the one presented by the Australian SMS Technology, which already has a model of this type in its portfolio: the new-entry of the House is called M500.

If the previous version of the wristband, the M300, had a markedly sporty look, the new WatchFone stands out for a decidedly more elegant appearance, with a rectangular dial and leather strap.

On a more technical level, the M500 is a Quadband terminal equipped with a 1.5-inch TFT display, touchscreen, 120 × 160 pixels. Bluetooth connectivity (useful for connecting a headset and not talking to the device, as **** Tracy did) and Java support, to that for SMS and MMS, combines a multimedia player (AAC / MP3 / MP4) that can count on a 128 MB built-in memory.

Its weight is 60 grams. But the most impressive number is that relating to the price, which Le Blog Gadget quotes with some amazement: 607 euros, or one thousand Australian dollars (or 820 US dollars). But the M500 obviously isn’t chosen for the price.

Dario Bonacina