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A new participatory Web TV

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A new participatory Web TV

Carrara – As part of the ArteInfieri event that will be held starting from 13 July 2007 at 6.00 pm, at the Academy of Fine Arts, in Via Roma 1 in Carrara, the VTTV editorial team will present the project for a new Web TV, VTTV, “And – explains a note – will interact with the public by creating a laboratory open to all”.

“Anyone – continues the note – will be able to participate by proposing or creating their own audiovisual contents together with the editorial staff”.

“VTTV – explain the promoters – was born as an open tool, of free sharing and aimed at promoting pluralism in information without ulterior motives of a commercial nature. VTTV aims to give voice to the voiceless with a particular look at the realities of the city as well as the areas of artistic creativity “.