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A Linux cluster with MSN TVs

A Linux cluster with MSN TVs

Rome – Hackers have by now accustomed us to the idea that Linux can run, with more or less substantial changes, on most devices equipped with a processor. It is therefore not surprising that the Penguin has also found a home in MSN TV, the Microsoft set-top box (formerly Web TV) that allows you to watch TV and surf the Web. This time, however, the hackers did not just start Windows on the “alien” machine, but they assembled a real one MSN TV cluster .

The enterprise, which succeeded a hacker known as toc2rta, demonstrated how it is possible to connect up to 18 MSN TVs together to form a compact, quiet, and relatively inexpensive server cluster .

The geek explained that to run Linux on MSN TVs it was necessary to make some changes to the hardware of the appliances and reprogram the BIOS. On the other hand, the changes made to the Linux kernel have been minimal, thanks to the fact that the MSN TV is based on standard Intel chipsets.

Photos and information on the cluster have been published on www.toc2rta.com (in these hours the site is unreachable). More information about the project can be found on this forum.