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899, a scam, two complaints

899, a scam, two complaints

La Spezia – Two people have been reported to the La Spezia judicial authority on charges of having defrauded about 67,000 Italian IT users for a total amount of at least 6 million euros.

“The investigation – explains the La Spezia Postal Police – arose from the complaints of 74 La Spezia citizens who suffered a series of scams perpetrated through value-added numbers with the prefix 899 ***. In particular, the injured parties received telephone bills with very high amounts for abusive and hidden Internet connections to the aforementioned numbers “.

The investigations went on for six months, in search of the fraudulent mechanism: an attack software was installed on the vulnerable computer systems of users which, as happens with the so-called bubble-inflator dialers, caused the abusive connection to premium services.

“The searches, carried out at a company with its registered office in San Marino and the home owned by a citizen of Rimini – explain the La Spezia cybercops – allowed the interruption of the criminal act with the seizure of the servers, as well as the deactivation of telephone lines.”