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40 hours of waiting music

40 hours of waiting music

Rome – The data, in some sensational ways, of the research carried out by the University of Verona under the sponsorship of Wind and with the emblematic title: “Music and telephone waiting” have been disclosed.

According to the surveys, which involved 450 small, medium and large Italian companies, it is estimated that on average seven out of ten calls are put on phone hold and that overall every single Italian citizen passes 40 hours a year waiting by phone before using the service for which he is calling.

Not only. According to the research, more than 90% of customers hang up if left silent for more than 40 seconds or when the message or tone of the wait is boring; 34% of the total, on the other hand, no longer calls certain numbers precisely to avoid the exhausting wait.

According to the results of the study, companies for telephone waiting prefer classical music (Vivaldi, Mozart and Verdi in the lead) but do not take into account the needs of the user, who would be more often attracted by pop music than classical. Indeed, the latter would be implicitly associated with the idea of ​​poor service and / or unnerving waiting that justifies the possible choice to hang up.

About 70% of the companies interviewed also declared that they want to change the background music to the telephone wait; Overall, businesses do not seem to see the phone as a valid marketing tool, which is certainly good news for users, which would also lead to underestimating the contribution that music would make to marketing needs and customer retention. Given the storm of commercial phone calls fired at Italians’ telephone numbers, it is unimaginable what would happen if companies acquired what the research calls “awareness” of the “telephone resource”.