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‘2020 Game’ is a fantastic game that relives all the events of 2020 on a platform basis

2020, what a year, huh. It’s been a roller coaster you laugh at at Disneyland. There has been everything: fires in Australia, a pandemic (which is still present), quarantines and lockdowns, elections in the United States, conspiracy theories of 5G and the coronavirus … Very full, the typical theme that falls on Selectividad and you start to tremble.

Jokes aside, 2020 has been a year that we will all remember and that, thanks to video game developer Max Garkavyy, we can revive in platform video game form in a humorous way. Garkavyy has created ‘2020 Game’, a free game that can be played from the browser (both on PC and mobile) that reviews the main events of 2020 and is worthwhile from start to finish. Next, we’ll go over everything the game shows us, so if you want to be caught off guard, play first and we’ll read on the way back.

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The game of the year, literally

It all begins in 2019, in a green meadow with clear skies and little birds singing while “Morning – Peer Gynt Suite No.1” plays. There our adventure begins. The controls are very simple: A and D to move sideways and W or the space bar to jump. Soon we arrive in Australia, where we will have to survive the fires that devastated the country in early 2020.

Then we get to COVID-19, just as a bat passes over our heads. After putting on a mask that we found on stage as a collector’s item, we will have to jump and dodge viruses scattered across the stage, get food and (a lot) toilet paper to, shortly after, go through a series of closed establishments, survive the fall of the markets and return home, where we will spend the fortieth. In a very ingenious way, the game locks us in our house and does not let us out until we run out of toilet paper and some books.

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So the games lead us to a landscape with clear sky and jumping dolphins, referring to the fact that the shutdown the world suffered in mid-2020 somehow helped nature catch its breath. Soon after, we’ll have to survive telecommuting, jumping through the roof with titles like “Zoom Call,” “You’re muted,” and “Can you see my screen?” “

Then the game takes us to a wall with a George Floyd graffiti, whose death sparked protests and demonstrations around the world under the slogan “Black Lives Matter.” Immediately after, our avatar will have to pass in front of a 5G antenna that emits a coronavirus. It was a hoax, obviously, but remember that some people may have burned 5G antennas for that.

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After passing this test, “2020 Game” brings us to the rise of TikTok. We will pass through a screen that emulates its interface while “Tell me” by Doja Cat plays. If you use TikTok, you will surely know that this song went viral in the middle of the year. Then we come to the floods, the American elections, the second wave of the coronavirus, Christmas and, finally until 2021. What are we seeing this year? Better to see for yourself, there is no waste.

The game is very simple and unless you make a stupid mistake it will be rare for you to die and have to leave a checkpoint. However, Twitter has been filled with people talking about him and Garkavyy has already received, at the time of writing this article, more than € 15,000 in donations. It’s his first game and it took six months to develop. And it is simple, yes, but it is proof that things can be told differently (and that 2020 is a year that, fortunately, has already passed).

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