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1 × 05 Scarlet Witch and Vision Check

We return to the Wanda show, this time in the 80s. Of course, with more questions we see in this review of Scarlet Witch and Vision 1 × 05.

After the middle of the season, events continue to unfold at a breakneck pace in Westview. Not only in the anomaly that Wanda generates, but also in the facilities erected by SWORD, in which the extremes join everything that happens. And here we have to perform, as usual, this Scarlet Witch and Vision 1 × 05 Live Review.

Problems grow … like a family

Parodying the aforementioned series from the 80s, this chapter begins, in which we see how the twins go from the stage of babies to five years in the blink of an eye. Although the first uncomfortable moment for the couple arrives before, as Agnes comments on the rehearsal of the scene given the indecision of Wanda and Vision to let her take care of the children.

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And what about Agnes? The neighbor is already starting to show up in almost every bathroom, from babysitting (watching them grow instantly) to adopting Chispas the dog. By the way, a nod to The Vision comic. Due to all this, Vision begins to suspect the behavior of everyone around him, reprimanding Wanda.

Let’s go to the other side of the anomaly. Monica is seen undergoing a check-up to see if the confrontation with the Scarlet Witch had any consequences. Surprise! Nothing is seen in the tests, which can lead to the birth of Photon, as we mentioned before. We will have to be attentive to the next episodes to see this evolution.

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At the meeting to decide the strategy against Wanda, SWORD director Tyler Hayward claims that she is a terrorist, while Monica defends her, despite having violated her mind. Two very valid points of view, considering that what happens to the Avenger is something out of the ordinary. From there, the Monica – Lewis – Woo trio discovers that Scarlet Witch is rewriting reality.

After the discovery, they decide to send an article that does not require any editing and that was recently published in the couple’s sitcom, an email. This leads to one of the scariest scenes in the chapter, with the entire Vision office reciting this email in unison. As if that wasn’t enough, the syntezoid frees Norm, who shows the pain Wanda is causing him.

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SWORD’s next step is to communicate with the hijacker via drone. A tactic that Hayward modifies by using it as a weapon. Of course, the trick doesn’t work, and Wanda comes out of the anomaly to threaten literally everyone. They can’t give him anything, he has everything he wants and no one will give it back to him. In short, she is crazy and she knows it.

1 × 05 Scarlet Witch and Vision Check

After updating the Force Shield, or who knows what, the climax of the episode arrives. Vision comes face to face with Wanda, berating her for everything she does and for the fact that he cannot be manipulated by her (poor thing). You don’t know what you’re doing or remember anything before Westview. This fight is interrupted by the appearance of… Pietro! But not the MCU, but the X-Men. Did someone say multiverse?

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A wild Quicksilver appeared

We can’t start the review itself without mentioning Wanda’s brother. We all love the Quicksilver (Mercury) from the X-Men, and seeing it in the MCU has been a pleasure. However, there are many questions about it. Is it really the one in this universe? Why do you consider Wanda to be your sister, if she’s not really related? Is it just the blink of an eye? Did the scarlet witch bring it? No response.

Certainly the level of the series rises as the season ends. The scenes, both the sitcom parody and the SWORD, are very well added, as well as showing both the twisted spirit of the Scarlet Witch and the evolutions of characters such as Monica or Vision. A vision that really seems to be the sane part of Wanda’s mind.

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And it is that the work that is being done to capture this problem with the Scarlet Witch is ten. On the one hand, give advice to children to accept the death of the dog (when not even she can). On the other hand, threatening everyone to maintain this false reality. Many winks and statements from Wanda about her current state.

1 × 05 Scarlet Witch and Vision Check

On the other hand, we have the character of Agnes, someone who steals importance. Not so much because of its occurrences but because of what it generates around it. Wanda is already displaying her powers in front of her without shame, and she’s playing stupid or someone who can bring a ****. Let’s not forget that your true identity has not been found on the missing persons dashboard.

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Scarlet Witch and Vision feels that sense of intrigue, general discomfort with the situation, and uncertainty that the show didn’t seem like it was going to present. And that is something that I love, because I have rarely been as addicted as I am today. I need to see more, I need to know if Hayward is bad or not. Because let’s see, attack the scarlet witch with a missile just for the sake of it? Something strange, right?

In short, if the fourth chapter was very interesting when it came to knowing what had happened, this fifth episode shows more uncertainties and answers. Which generates more doubts. Wanda rewrites reality as she sees fit and certain characters appear. All right, they have to do things in SWORD to make sure it doesn’t go wrong. And so far, they’ve only pissed off the Scarlet Witch.

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