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How to Unlock Payphone Hits in Grand Theft Auto Online


In Grand Theft Auto Online, players can unlock payphone hits by completing three Security Contracts. By completing these contracts, players can earn money and unlock new missions. Payphone hits are available for free in the Free Mode, but players have to complete three Security Contracts in order to access them. To do this, players can contact Franklin and he will show them where the nearest payphone hit is located.

Payphone Hits are a bunch of Free Mode jobs/missions in Grand Theft Auto Online

In GTA Online, there are a bunch of Free Mode jobs/ missions called “Payphone Hits”. These jobs/missions are mostly focused on killing targets, often high-profile individuals. You must track down these targets and kill them, but you can also receive a bonus if you perform an Assassination Bonus. This bonus will boost your payout and prevent you from being a wanted criminal or getting a reinforcement squad sent to avenge you.

There are eight types of Payphone Hits. You can play these missions as either VIP/CEO or MC President. Each mission follows a different tier and has its own cooldown. However, unlike other Free Mode jobs, these missions don’t affect other missions. Some of these missions require you to use vehicles such as Buzzard Attack Choppers and Terrorbytes.

Another way to make money in Free Mode is by selling cars. To do this, you need to find a location where you can drop off your vehicle. There are many options for the location of the dropoff. The first Organization will listen for the beep from the phone and watch for yellow smoke. The last Organization will try to survive against a Wanted Level, but if you do so, you may be disqualified.

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If you want to earn more money, you can also try Bounty Hunting. Bounties are money-related missions in Grand Theft Auto Online that give you a bounty. These are similar to Santa Money, except that they require a bit of time.

Players must complete three Security Contracts to access the mission

To unlock payphone hits in GTA Online, you must complete the three Security Contracts. You can do these from your office PC, if you’re the CEO. Once you complete the Security Contracts, you’ll be able to use your phone to call people.

  • To unlock the Payphone Hit Mission, you must own a security agency, complete three security contracts, and then call Franklin and request the next mission. After you have completed three security contracts, you’ll receive a blue phone icon on your radar. This is the location of the next mission.
  • To unlock a payphone hit mission, you’ll need to complete three security contracts, one in each area of the map. These can be either Dre missions or security contracts. Once you’ve completed three contracts, you’ll receive a phone call from Franklin. Follow Franklin’s instructions to complete the contracts.
  • Unlocking payphone hits in GTA Online is relatively easy. You’ll need to purchase the Agency and complete three Security Contracts, which you can do in any session. You can also talk to Franklin in the agency office to unlock Security Contracts. After you complete three contracts, he’ll call you to finish the job. You’ll have to complete a number of Security Contracts, which include tasks ranging from collecting stolen vehicles to protecting valuable assets.
  • Once you have the Agency set up, you can start unlocking Payphone Hits in GTA Online. This task will take some time, but it’s worth the effort. You’ll be rewarded with additional rewards if you fulfill these contracts. In GTA Online, there are eight Payphone Hits, and you’ll need to find all of them. If you’re looking to unlock them as quickly as possible, you can contact Franklin.
  • Once you’ve done all three, Franklin will reward you with GTA$200K. This is a very lucrative way to earn money in GTA Online. This bonus will allow you to buy a lot of items, including a personal Agency Armory. This will help you unlock exclusive weapon finishes and top up your Mk II ammo.
  • Once you’ve unlocked the payphone hits, you’ll have a lot of money to spend in the GTA Online game. You can earn up to $15,000 per hit, and up to $70,000 if you meet bonus objectives. You can even play a PvP game called Inch by Inch, which requires two teams to deliver a package through enemy lines. The team with the most points wins.
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Players Can Earn Money by Completing The Mission

Completing the Payphone Hit missions is one of the ways in which players can earn cash in GTA 5. Players can earn money by completing these missions. There are eight different missions in the game and players can complete them in about fifteen minutes. Completing these missions is easy and does not require a lot of work.

Players can unlock these missions after completing contracts at the Agency. These contracts can include security contracts or Dre missions. After fulfilling these contracts, the player will receive a phone call from Franklin. Then, he will give the player specific instructions for completing each mission.

Once players have completed all three Security Contracts, they can complete the Payphone Hits mission. Players can earn money by completing the mission and will receive an additional bonus if they complete all three. This mission is a fun way to earn extra cash in GTA.



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