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How to Get Anima in World of Warcraft


If you’re looking to get Anima in World of Warcraft, there are a few methods you can try. Firstly, there are hidden chests, which spawn throughout the map. These chests reset each day, and you can find them by searching for them. In addition, you can use handynotes, which provide tips on where to find chests. Most of these methods overlap.

Anima conductor

The Anima Conductor is a profession in World of Warcraft that is useful in the Shadowlands. The character is tasked with driving Anima streams to certain points to unlock quests, treasure, and foes. Initially, this profession lies dormant, but it can be activated to unlock quests and rewards. The character’s progress is tracked with a gold circle and a progress bar.

  • To unlock the Anima Conductor, you need to collect 1000 Anima and 1 Redeemed Soul. You can farm these resources in Covenent’s campaign. After that, you will need to collect 5 Redeemed Souls. Then, you can unlock Anima Conductor’s first upgrade.
  • Having a Anima Conductor in your inventory is an excellent way to speed up your travel. By channeling Anima to specific locations, you can speed up your travel, unlock new daily quests, and find specialized locations with treasure chests and rewards. Using the Anima Conductor is also a great way to earn Grateful Offerings, which you can use to buy certain items from Covenant Armor vendors.
  • The Anima Conductor is an important part of any character’s overall power level. Upgrading this skill will allow you to access new events and gain special currencies called Grateful Offerings. The Grateful Offerings you earn from these events will allow you to buy an epic item called Chronicle of Lost Memories for 35 Grateful Offerings.
  • Anima can be channeled into a number of places, including dungeons and chests. Each channel costs 25 Anima and lasts 24 hours. If you channel Anima at least 10 times, you can make it permanent. You will also need Reservoir Anima to participate in adventure quests and purchase rewards.
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Anima tokens

Anima tokens are needed to complete special quests in World of Warcraft. You must have a minimum amount of 1,000 Anima to start, and you can get them from certain NPCs. You can also get them from certain places, such as the sanctum. Using these tokens will allow you to upgrade certain things, such as your weapon’s effect and other stat bonuses. However, it is important to keep in mind that once you reach Epic level, you will be able to purchase items that will give you a minimum of 250 Anima, which is the maximum you can get.

Anima is a new resource introduced in the Shadowlands expansion. This resource can be used to buy items and upgrade Covenant Sanctums. Players can choose from one of four Covenants and spend the Anima they earn to build up their Covenant Sanctum.

You can also get Anima tokens by completing World Quests. Some of these quests reward you with Anima tokens, and they are worth between two and four Rare tokens. In addition, you can also get Anima tokens by doing daily PVP. Besides that, you can also get them from treasure chests and weekly world bosses.

Shaping Fate is a very lucrative weekly quest that awards two epic quality Anima tokens. You will also earn gold, reputation, and pet tokens while completing the quest. But this quest requires a large party and has prerequisites that you might need. However, it is a very effective way to farm Anima tokens.

Anima is the new currency in the Shadowlands expansion, which is a great way to upgrade your character. In addition, it can be used to buy pretty much everything in the Shadowlands. Anima can also be used to upgrade your sanctum sections and receive Redeemed souls as a result. In addition to that, upgrading your transport layer will give you one-way teleportation to Oribos. And with each rank, the teleportation points will increase as well.

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Sprouting Growth Chests

If you’re wondering how to get sprouting growth chests in anima World of Warcraft, you’re not alone. Many players are frustrated by the lack of new anima in their inventory. However, there are ways to increase your anima supply and become more efficient. Listed below are some tips to help you get more anima.

One of the easiest ways to farm anima in World of Warcraft is through weekly quests. Whether it’s to get more rare anima or simply earn more anima, weekly quests are one of the easiest ways to acquire more anima. The good thing about weekly quests is that you can farm anima every day. Not only do these quests grant you a daily anima buff, but they also give you rare anima vessels.

Anima quests

One of the best ways to earn Anima in World of Warcraft is by doing weekly quests. These quests will give you an excellent amount of Anima tokens, as well as gold, reputation, and other rewards. In addition, they also let you acquire a number of rare drops. Some rares are respawned regularly, and you can easily farm them for a good amount of Anima.

Anima can also be acquired through dungeons. Some dungeon bosses drop Anima tokens. The size and amount of tokens will depend on the difficulty level of the dungeon. Heroic dungeons are available every day, and Mythic dungeons are available once a week. A new dungeon called Mythic Plus will be released in December. Covenant Covenants also have weekly quests, and these missions will send players on World Quests to gain Anima.

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Anima is an essential resource in the Shadowlands of World of Warcraft. Many players have been working hard to obtain it ever since the game’s release. Besides being essential to Covenant-specific items, it also boosts player power. So, you should aim to upgrade your character’s adventure table as soon as you reach maximum level. By doing so, you will be able to send your Soulbind character on missions and collect valuable items.

Besides questing, you can also farm Anima by completing world quests. These quests will give you Anima, but they are not common. To identify anima-rewarding tasks, you can use the World Quest Tracker.

Transferring Anima Between Covenants

Transferring Anima between Covenants is now possible, but the transfer process isn’t easy. For one thing, you need to have Renown 80 to use the Traveler’s Anima Cache. Once you have it, you can fill a new reservoir with Anima. However, this process can be extremely time consuming. To do this, you must buy 250 covenant gear from a renown vendor, and then sell it back to the vendor.

There are a few methods to make sure that you can keep your Anima when you switch Covenants. One way is to buy a Traveler’s Anima Cache from Au’Dara in Oribos. You can then deposit it at the Seat of the Primus. However, you need to note that the progress made in covenant buildings, as well as anima spent, won’t be transferred if you switch covenants.

Once you’ve earned enough Anima, you can transfer it to another character. The good news is that you can transfer Anima to any other character within the same covenant. This means you can use it to buy cosmetics and vanity items, as well as upgrade Covenant features. Additionally, you can also transfer Anima to alts and between Covenants. However, you must remember to keep your Anima in your account in order to transfer it to another character. You can buy a Traveler’s Anima Cache from Au’Dara in Oribos for 1,000 anima, which you can use to transfer Anima to another character.

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Another way to transfer Anima between Covenants is to buy renown system rewards in one Covenant while in another one. The good news is that you can get back your items within two hours. However, make sure you have enough time to switch covenants.



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